We are Sapient Private Wealth Management.

A financial advisory firm with an uncompromising commitment to client care.

At Sapient we see ourselves as life-long financial care providers. Accordingly, our advisory model is designed to provide continuous proactive counsel and advocacy for our clients.

Our firm was created to provide a distinctly personalized wealth management experience because unique clients require customized guidance and solutions.

Having or showing great wisdom or sound judgment.

NYANSAPO or “Wisdom Knot”

An especially revered symbol of the peoples of Ghana and the Ivory Coast of Africa, the Wisdom Knot conveys the idea that "a wise person has the capacity to choose the best means to attain a goal. Being wise implies broad knowledge, learning and experience, and the ability to apply such faculties to practical ends."

Who We Are

Sapient is a financial advisory firm with an uncompromising commitment to client care.

Our company is a boutique wealth management firm located in Eugene, Oregon therefore, unencumbered by the bureaucracy and cookie-cutter service approach often present at larger financial institutions.

Sapient consists of a cohesive and collaborative group of financial professionals with decades of cumulative experience, training and developed expertise. Each are singularly focused on facilitating the best possible wealth management experience for our clients.

We pride ourselves on being servant leaders, insomuch as the primary purpose of our firm is simply to serve others…above all our valued clients.


Who We Serve

Sapient is honored to serve over 500 private investors and small institutions such as company retirement plans, charitable foundations and corporations. We have been entrusted with approximately $1.1 billion of total client assets.

Client Profile

What We Do

We engage clients in a life long wealth management journey, which is a multi-faceted endeavor encompassing a myriad of financial considerations.

What You Can Expect From Us
Sapient Private Wealth Management
101 E Broadway
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Eugene, OR 97401

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