Client Profile

Who We Serve

95% of our clients are individuals or families for which we provide comprehensive wealth management and financial planning services, the remaining 5% of our clients consist of institutional relationships.

Recipients of sudden or inherited wealth, pre-retirees and retirees make up the largest demographic of our clientele. We are often sought out by individuals who are planning to retire and are no longer able to rely on a future paycheck; they often feel the pressure of making their money last the remainder of their life. We are skilled in guiding clients through this new phase of goals-based asset and risk management.

Our clients reside primarily in the Pacific Northwest but are not limited to the region as we serve clients throughout the U.S. and a number of foreign countries.

We also counsel younger clients who are serious about charting an intentional course for creating and managing wealth.

Our institutional relationships primarily consist of company retirement plans and charitable foundations wherein which we provide investment and plan policy counsel to trustees.

Because we provide a very comprehensive level of counsel and service, an initial minimum commitment of $1 million of investable assets is required in most cases. Engagements limited strictly to financial planning do not necessarily require assets be deposited with our firm.

Sapient clients can expect an uncommon level of care by receiving discernibly valuable serves and counsel provided in a highly empathetic and personalized manner.

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