What you can expect from us

Sapient clients can expect an uncommon level of care by receiving discernibly valuable services and counsel provided in a highly empathetic and personalized manner.

Specifically, clients can expect...

Complete transparency in every aspect of the engagement including:

· Costs
· Performance
· Potential Conflicts

Proactive, comprehensive and continual financial planning and execution processes including:

· Budget and cash flow modeling and management
· Retirement planning analysis and execution
· Philanthropic planning and execution of gifts
· Education planning and funding
· Estate planning and fulfillment
· Tax planning and management
· Social Security and Medicare integration
· Risk assessment, management and mitigation

Proactive and continual investment portfolio management including:

· Risk calibrated custom portfolio design
· Dynamic portfolio asset allocation management
· Ongoing investment committee driven research, due diligence, asset selection and removal
· Broad portfolio diversification
· Downside portfolio volatility management consistent with “Win By Not Losing” philosophy
· Tax Sensitive portfolio management
· Asset allocation by taxable versus non-taxable accounts
· Gain and loss harvesting in taxable accounts when appropriate
· Income management to optimize tax and personal circumstances
· Proactive portfolio rebalancing  

Collaboration with legal, tax, insurance and banking advisers

Behavioral counsel and management to:

· Maintain process discipline
· Minimize emotionally charged decision making mistakes

Perform ancillary services such as:

· Money transfers
· Asset verification for lenders
· Notarization
· Insurance policy assessments
· Wealth and investment education to heirs and family members
· Cybersecurity counsel
· Professional referrals

Regular and clear reporting of portfolio holdings, balances, transactions and performance

Sapient Private Wealth Management
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