Our Approach:
At Sapient we define private wealth management as the synthesis of goals-based personal financial planning and execution with customized investment portfolio management.

Financial Planning and Execution

Every client engagement begins with an in-depth discovery process in order to accurately determine short and long term goals. The results of the discovery process, then in turn, inform all facets of the overall wealth management journey. Once desired outcomes are confirmed, an intentional, continual and personalized process systematically leads the client toward attainment of those outcomes.

Investment Management

Each Sapient client’s investment portfolio is custom designed to seek fulfillment of the monetary needs required to realize more expansive desired life outcomes. Central to all client portfolios, however, is appropriate risk and volatility calibration. Our “Win By Not Losing” investment philosophy is a major influence on portfolio management as it pertains to our role as risk managers. The Sapient Investment Committee performs ongoing research, due diligence and investment selection processes to ensure all client holdings are well-considered and appropriately positioned.

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