Established 2010

Sapient was established in 2010 when its three founders King Martin, Greg Erwin and Alan Rexius, determined that after many decades, the time had come to leave a large national investment institution in order to create a boutique wealth management firm specifically designed to serve their clients’ unique needs. The new firm was an immediate success – new and existing clients enthusiastically supported the independence from Wall Street culture and embraced a more personalized approach free of imbedded conflicts of interest inherent in brokerage firms.

Sapient was created as a Registered Investment Advisory firm which meant the advisors had become fiduciaries for their clients. Fiduciaries must always put the interests of their clients ahead of their own. Surprisingly, not all investment or wealth advisors are held to this appropriate fiduciary standard.

Because the founders had always seen themselves and their staff as advocates for their clients, the decision to become fiduciaries was an easy one. For decades they cultivated an advisory culture versus a sales culture in order to steer clients clear of potential conflicts of interest whenever possible.

Our advisory teams have always considered the broad financial circumstances of their clients in order to provide recommendations through a holistic care lens. No cookie-cutter portfolios or financial plans. Each clients’ situation is thoroughly examined before any financial plan or portfolio design is recommended. We believe clients are best served when there exists a clear set of goals and desired outcomes inspiring their wealth management journey.

Today, Sapient serves approximately 500 families and small institutions who have collectively entrusted us with over $1 billion of their capital. We consider our clients an extension of our company “family” and we are forever grateful for their confidence and the life-long relationships we have forged together.

Sapient Private Wealth Management
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